This Program is Approved by the Senior Management Team of The Ministry of Education and Training on January 2019. It is Target for Early Age Participants in Primary School and Secondary School Levels Trainees. Program Covers a wide range of ICT Topics that will develep and set a benchmark of ICT knowledge across whole of Vanuatu Schools. 

  • Complete Year Each Year Levels as required 
  • Minimum requirements of Each Grade Levels 

  • Teach ICT in their schools and encourage and promote the use of ICT in teaching, learning and in school management
  • Equip young children and students with ICT skills to assist them to progress with their studies and their future livelihood And;
  • Address the need for developing a generation that is computer literate and prepare for the modern world and its economical activities Vanuatu will encounter in the near future.
  • Knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements.

All E.I.T courses are accredited by Vanuatu Qualification Authority and are recognizable throughout the Pacific region. To Successfully complete this course you must complete all units with an average score of 60% or higher in each unit assessment. Upon successful completion of this course, you would be awarded a certified Certificate I in Computing (Computer operations). Having a certified E.I.T document is  a greater way to celebrate and share your success in Information Communication Technology. It is :- 

- ideal to include CV, job application and portfolios

- a way to show your ability to learn and achieve high results